One Night (EP)

by Eric Schumann




Some songs have 'Poetic Excursions' within them. #1 is actually on 'The Dirt Tastes Bad'. #2 & #3 are in the 'about this album' or 'info' sections of the songs themselves on the site.

'In the Night' poetic excursion #3 is using only the letters from the album 'One Night'.

note: first three songs complete a sentence.


released June 28, 2012

All songs composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric G Schumann. All instrumentation, including vocals, performed by Eric G Schumann


all rights reserved



Eric Schumann Madison, Wisconsin

“For me, music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”

Composing from Wisconsin with over 20 years of pulsing electronic synth pop rock slip-streaming through currents of light and dark, Eric Schumann’s emotional music gives the world questions for the listener to consider and contemplate.
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Track Name: The World Keeps Turning
the world keeps moving,
and I loose my balance all the time

I have the answer
its the question in my mind
in my mind
in my mind

Turn me up and down
flip the coin
burn the sky
i can't see why
how can i try?

people keep moving
lacking pace and time

i can't keep pace
so i sit
and see what i find
what i find
what i find
Track Name: Because the Dirt Tastes Bad
Poetic Excursion #1

I'm not needed
around here.
got a bad name serving me jail time
as a corpse, walking in the sunlight.
still asking the same questions,
and, getting the same answers.

no more questions.
just, what, IS.
as my feet take me

we all have dreams, but alive ones.
we keep seeing but becoming killed again,
over and over, till it hurts no more.

do we see?

something, to pass the time,
because the dirt taste bad

aint no questions ever being asked
that you really want to hear
cause if you did, you'd be kicked in the mouth
for saying such hell.

death ain't living, but life aint much without it,
and a thousand years, is still a thousand years.
the dog and pony show, ain't, getting any younger,
but the kids, aren't playing anymore.

i see the looks of demons on the streets,
still haunting me
in the summers heat,
steam rolling down my brow,
as vapors of burning soil explains,

be as one can be,
only can be,
to become, is never once, but always,
within, is to be without,
without, is to never be within.

see the smiling
understand the truth
trust as faith is not a symbol but a word
and words don't have meanings
people, have meanings.

sweet rain, needs the ground,
as the ground needs the sky,
the soil needs the women
as the man needs the soil.
so does all that we know.

all that lies,
lies within heaven and hell.
in the eyes of the perceived,
perceive as they do,
once, and, forever.

as for me,
i am
and those who see
and see
as i close my eyes and feel
the air around me
i take what i can
for this gift
isn't yesterday, nor tomorrow.
but here...


let no word speak to you
for no word can hold truth outside the heart
for the meaning of life
is defined within
be as you are
for you can be no other way
this world lets their door open
so that i may walk among them
to see as they see

to be as they be
not forever

for a moment
the carpet exists
with grace as it is so told
i walk as one
as one
of them

for a time
only this time
piece of mind
from within

this too
shall pass

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