by Eric Schumann

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a bringing or coming to an end; termination; close: Putting away something that marks the ending of the season.
the final or concluding part; conclusion:
death; destruction.


released June 17, 2015



all rights reserved



Eric Schumann Madison, Wisconsin

“For me, music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”

Composing from Wisconsin with over 20 years of pulsing electronic synth pop rock slip-streaming through currents of light and dark, Eric Schumann’s emotional music gives the world questions for the listener to consider and contemplate.
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Track Name: Constant Degrees
I have something in my mind. .
Track Name: Angel of Time
When Angels Sing

and yet


It isn't with Awe
that I Understand,
though recognition through
and so,
so unaware

and unwilling to move
I found
like Him
Death is quite a sight
and often
too often
a Truth
viewed in distance

If you Listen
If you Pay Attention
If you close your eyes
and Feel
truly Feel
you will Recognize the Angels
in their
Terrible Truth

to a misguided Mind
troubled by the path of Understanding
the Destiny of that Division

“The Divided White Wall”

I hear Them
but it's as if They never been
nor have EVER


It enters my Mind
and cascades my Thoughts
like the clouds that cover the expanse of the sky
no feather has been left behind
no garden unharvested
the ladder ever climbing
to fade
or to settle
to move
and Humble
to bring Tears
Pain and Joy
Thought and Stillness

I AM not standing
nor am I fallen
I am Kneeling
I Understand
even though


I See
and Speak


Infinite and expansive
My Walk is another path
Dought misguides me
the Faceless I yet seek
and the sun of the desert
is now in the sky
and my knees burn on the thirsty hot ground

the Fire
is no longer in the Trees
the Ashes
aren't in the sky
in the Ground
They are Within me
I must carry them
for the rest
of my Dayz.
Track Name: Unrealized Truths
Unrealized Truths

waking up everyday
looking outside
its raining
and the suns out
it doesn’t seem to have much of a difference

the reality is
the house is

I don’t Understand what to do next
so little to do

I am concerned that that was my entire purpose on this earth

to take Care of Her
to Be Here for Her

I’m 38 years old
I’m suppose to
I’m suppose to live on
do something with my life
but right now
right at this moment
i don’t feel like doing anything
i don’t feel like doing anything at all
i just wanna sit down
and forget
but iI can’t
everything that was strength for me before
is now Pain
and Depression
I’m Afraid
it’s Lonely Here
and I don’t know how to get out
I don’t know how to
I’m Lost
I’m Afraid
I think I’m standing up
but I FEAR
I FEAR that I’m not
not really

I just think I AM
Track Name: How do I Reach You?
WE can’t stand here looking around

Is it the End of the road?
Time to
Get Out

Walk on Your Own
Walk on Your Own

the middle of the Night

ain’t no way to Know
which Way to Go

Sounds of SILENCE
hit so hard
How does IT Work for You?

is there a buzzing?
is there a sound?
in that Tunnel
I AM found

How do I reach You?

WE can’t stand Here looking down anymore

We can’t stand here looking around

Is it the End of the road?
Time to
Get Out

Walk on Your Own
Walk on Your Own

the middle of the Night

ain’t no way to Know
which Way to Go
to GO

Sounds of SILENCE
Its so hard
how does IT work for You?

We can’t stand here looking down anymore

We can’t stand here looking around

How do I reach you?

ITS so hard
How does IT Work for You?
Track Name: Marionette
There was a marionette, strings tangled on the floor
Limbs scattered about, fist holes through the door
A little Puppet boy alive, But he don't know what for
He was breathing for sure, but didn't wanna no more

Because his clothes were all tore,
He was covered in dust
And his fists were all sore,
His hinges clustered with rust
Termites took his core, it'd been a blessing to combust
His will to live busted, He just mustered what he must

I watched him then I cussed, & tapped him with my shoe
He exhaled a heavy gust, Just confirming what I knew
It would take a jump of trust,
it wouldn't be pretty but it'd be true
So I picked up the pitiful fool and said

"Look, this is what we're gonna do,
I'ma do this thing for you,
I'm gonna pick up your strings
And we'll get you through,
through all of these things
And you're gonna have to move,
it's gonna hurt it's gonna sting
But we're gonna get you to swing,
you're gonna dance you're gonna sing”

all is not lost,
I’ll help you stand again

Ill help bear your cross
just take my hand, my friend

I don’t wanna be a puppet,
I wanna be a real boy!
that doesn’t feel so broken,
I wanna feel some real joy!
I wanna be alive
not a busted wooden decoy!
i wanna get it together again
and not feel so destroyed

sing my own voice
dance on my own feet
make love to a melody
and stomp on a cold beat
baptised in the rain
and dry in the suns heat
i wanna stand head high,
not wallow in defeat!

some day i’m goinna do these things
some day like you said I’m gonna sing
some day I’m gonna spread my wings
some day I’m gonna cut these strings

but right now
I’m not sure if I can do it
To be hoenst, My life is in ruin
Today I’ll say it but
I don’t know that i could prove it
and speaking of today as a matter of fact
i don’t think i’ll even get through it

Trumpets will blow and bells will ring,
when your song is done and you've taken your bow,
And they'll love what you do and the joy that you bring,
when you wipe the sweat from your brow
And you'll smile full of awe and you'll claw and you'll cling,
to try to keep hold of the now
But it's an elusive & fleeting kind of a thing,
You could try to clutch it, but how?

Can you hold onto "Wow,"
Can you cuddle "hooray?"
Can you grasp onto "Pow" at the end of the day?
Can you snuggle at night with the way the crowd sways?
And if you could would it all be okay?
When the lights all go down will your stitches all fray?
Are you afraid of the bed where you lay?
It pricks at you "Ow," what more could one say?
It's all over now and it all goes away.

And what would you pay just to make it all stay, to never have to let go?
You could hope, and yes you could pray, to never again have to know
The empty way, the lonely way, To never again sink below
To rush like the rapids, the rough river's flow, to never again move as slow

You're your own only foe, Don't ever forget
And you're the source of your glow, so you owe no regrets
And you'll stand on your own, but you're not there quite yet
Strings tangled on the floor, my marionette
Track Name: Shadow Casts a Light
the sun exploits the sky,
and burns a truth in my eyes,
a vision of light, uncovered

a night to come, a moon to rise, a yearning for peace
to arise

the pale illumination
whispers of truths, unheard
all of ear they hear
though they never understood
even now, they stand and watch
blind in plain sight

[ Shadow casts a light ]
[ is what you perceive ]
[ what you Believe ]
[ Shadow Castor]
[ Shadow casts a light ]

lifting hands high
holds none for many;
only of him
who holds them high
one shall raise a sacred truth
without word or deed
a child of silence

breath in, to release
a key twisted
to unlock
the gridding gear
that rusts from neglect
fear builds the wall
and releases a fog
for all whom
listen and worship
Track Name: I Believe, I Leave
so confused
given me
afforded me
i do not understand

still in his hand
unable to see
no walls hold me in
white washed
and getting dirty

the end has come
and it begins again
if i don’t stand up
will i be?

once again
this time
without sight
or understanding

renewed less
to guess
to be better

there is hope
because i believe
because it is time
to let go
because it is time
I leave
Track Name: The Letter
i see you smile in your photos
you look so different now
as the time has passed
so beautiful
more then I remember
how long at last
still I know your name

you've been hurt once again
and i feel still the desire to step in
though i keep my distance
because i care
it isn't my place
you are strong
and you are not alone

I feel like i missed something
and this is common
too much i wanted to see
and i lost all of it
just beyond my feet

i'm wishing i could tell you
i want to be there
but then i know
it isn't my place
and you are strong
just know
you are not alone

when the world falls in on itself
and the pain of everything starts to crush you
i am here
i promise and this i keep
you are one forever always safe here

I respect you
for you
i love you
for you

Live and never stop smiling
it feeds me
and keeps me aware of the sunrise
and less the sun setting.

you are not bad
you are a star
always in my heart
my dear
Track Name: It's a Matter of Time
the Lights are out
and the Doors are closed
and then Darkness settles in

i Stand at the Window
Looking out into the street
wondering Where you are to me

I can’t See
but I Know your There
I Know its a Matter of Time
till I hold you again

to walk in unknown streets
just after the fires died down
my heart is my own
and I’m sure it will be found

you can’t See
though you Know I’m There
You Know its a Matter of Time
and You know I Care

i’ll keep moving
i’ll keep my head up high
i’ll keep looking to the sky
i know your there when i close my eyes
and I Know
You Care

I can’t see
though We Know where We Are
We Know its a Matter of Time
till the rise of The star

An angel came
and now the lights are out
and the darkness settled in
until we once again begin
Track Name: Standing Tall
when world is spinning around
and the pages are falling to the ground
can you stand up and face yourself?
and see the lie that’s before you?

the evil is bleeding on the floor
and you are looking for the door
today is enough
tomorrow is coming

Stand Tall
take the arrow
Stand Tall
draw the bow
Stand Tall
ready the arrow

its your choice now
don’t let it all go away

beat the blood that draws you down
takes the solitary crown
ready to tell you
your ready to hear that only sound

let the blood fall on the floor
let them tell its hurts to your core
let them tell you its coming down
in their displeasure
the disgrace you are to erase
the things that you will face
the papers bloody on the floor
to tell the story of the silent race
that never did learn to stand
that holds the everything in their hand
drowning outside the sea
to never get up
and Be


Here i am (patient Comatose)
once upon a time (Within the Journey)
i don’t want to wake up (Mirrors)
we dream (Patient Comatose)
beautiful skies (Mirrors)
a life without apples or oranges (Soul Breach)
silence (Soul Breach)
and the rest (Within the Journey)
detached (Soul Breach)
million pieces (Mirrors)
blur (Soul Breach)
anger, what am i living for? (Alter Reality)
i must believe (Mirrors)
i don’t care (Lost in isolation)
desolational thoughts (Lost in isolation)
color the sky (Mirrors)
between the green (Lost in isolation)
can I be? (Lost in isolation)
yesterday I'm reminded of you (Lost in isolation)
but then there’s me (unreleased)
prayer in the corner (Within the Journey)
to be like u (Lost in isolation)
the silent tree (With in the Journey)
inspire me (lost in isolation)
do you care too? (Within the Journey)
don't look back (Mirrors)
casting shadows (Mirrors)
for whom the bell tolls (Lost in isolation)
what makes a man’s dignity? (Lost in isolation)

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